How to keep your diving dream safe

The Covid-19 virus has affected our lives: what was normal once and spontaneous is now forbidden or controlled. The relation between people has changed and with it, the way we approach our every day life. Scuba diving connects people with the same passion to the underwater world. But what can you do when you have to follow some social distancing restrictions?
The scuba diving community is confronting the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world. We want to keep our diving dreams alive and Covid-19 is not going to stop us on our adventure. Here are some Covid-19 risk reduction tips for divers. Diving Safety tips to keep you and all the people around you safe from COVID-19 while enjoying your scuba diving experience.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is the rule n.1
Always practice a high level of hygiene, including frequently washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and not touching your face.


Practice social distancing as much as possible and wear a mask  if it is not possible to keep the distance.


According to DAN, divers should sanitize equipment in a 10% bleach solution or in antibacterial and chlorhexidine solution.This is especially important for masks, snorkels, whistles and BCD oral inflators.


Use defog instead of saliva on your mask prior to entering the water. If you dive with your own mask will be 100% safe.

Air sharing

For buddy checks and air sharing training exercises: do NOT use the same mouthpiece as your dive buddy, unless it’s an emergency situation.


Carry disinfectant solution in your dive bag in case any other situations arise.


Always keep your diving certifications and dive insurance up to date. Carry your certification cards and insurance information with you.


Choose the best travel insurance for you, read the small print as some travel insurance companies are refusing to pay out for COVID-19 related claims.


If we provide transport all passengers must wear a mask. It is recommended the use of a private vehicle.

Private equipment

Use private scuba diving equipment is the best way to keep safe. Ask for a customer special price.

Sea water power

SARS-CoV-2 infection by contact with sea water is highly unlikely. However, it is recommended to respect social distancing and don’t touch people.

What Black Frog Divers will do for you.

We will sanitize and disinfect all the equipment with special ‘No Covid’ chemical products in order to  keep you safe.
Masks, snorkels and regulators are also going to be disinfected at the beach before the activity.
The diver will be able to purchase a new mouthpiece for just 4€

The ocean is waiting for us!!

No covid scuba diving gear disinfectant

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