Referral Course

Not sure if you want to get certified at home or while on holiday? Too cold to dive at home, but not enough time on holiday to complete the full PADI scuba course?
There can be many reason but with a PADI Open Water referral course, you don’t have to choose. A PADI referral allows you to complete most of your scuba training at home and finish your certification dives anywhere in the world, like during your holiday in Spain.
You’ll complete all of the classroom theory in advance, and while you are on holiday, you get to enjoy the fun part underwater!

You’ll most probably complete  your knowledge development and confined water sessions with the first diving centre before „leaving home“. You can finish the final part of your scuba course, the open water dives, with us in Spain.

Advantage: instead of spending part of your holiday on your eLearning, you’ll arrive at your holiday destinations with a big chunk of your open water course done.
The final portion of the course typically takes a day and a half to complete. Once certified, you can spend the rest of your time exploring and gaining additional dive experience.

Disadvantage: none! Book your referral course in Malaga province!


Scuba diver looking to a jellyfish while scuba diving underwater wearing a mask and a regulator


Anyone with a good level of fitness can practice scuba diving.
However, some medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart, lung and back problems, or surgeries done in the last 5 years, could prevent you from participating.
Before signing up for a PADI course, please check and fill out the standard Medical Statement Form.
Every answer has to be “NO”.
If any of your answers is YES, you will require a medical certificate from a doctor with a diving and hyperbaric specialty.
We recommend taking the form to your doctor for completion before you travel to Spain.



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