Scuba diving & Snorkelling in Marina Bay

The little bay is a perfect place where to go for a deep dive, easy dive, snorkelling, diving intrudaction..

It presents a reef on the right and one on the left. The centre of the bay offers a secure area where to get in with a sandy bed. The two cliffs offer fantastic rock formations all the way to point of the bay and provide a home for many marine spices and „swim through‘ rocks for divers.

How Deep? from 8m to 25m

What can I see? Schools of sardines, crabs, sponges Moon fish (Mola mola or Sun fish), octopus, castanet clouds, ‘Hands of Death’ sponges, nudibranches ( at least 40 different species), big anemones, lots of different fishes, flowered corals, Stone fishes, star fishes, flying gurnard and much more.

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