Scuba dive the Torrox Wreck

Most people know this wreck off the coast of Torrox as the “Barco del Arroz” (the Rice Boat). Originally built in Belfast and called the “Optic”, the Spanish Sociedad Anónima Navegación e Industria acquired this steamboat in 1907 and changed its name to “El Delfín” (the Dolphin). It had a maximum capacity of 1,254 tons and was 80 meters in length.

During the Spanish Civil War, El Delfín would put out to sea on a regular route from Malaga up the Spanish coast and back. On January 30th, 1937, the boat was on the way back from one of these runs and and loaded with flour, oil, and cod, when it was unsuccessfully bombed by German planes, remaining afloat on the day following the attack. Then, on the night of January 31st, the Italian submarine “Ciro Menotti”, under the orders of Lieutenant Vittorio Moccagatta, fired two torpedoes at El Delfín, sending it to the seabed for good.

You can still see the structure of the steamer lying in the shallows in front of Torrox Costa.

How deep?
Up to 6m

What can I see?
Triggerfish, conger eels, octopuses, flatfish, starfish, sardines, rainbow fish, salemas, groupers.

More information about the Torrox wreck (in Spanish)

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