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Excursiones de buceo para la familia

Excursiones de buceo para la familia Este año, más que el año pasado, las excursiones de buceo para la familia están de moda. Ahora es más frecuente no comprar cosas materiales como ropa o juguetes y es mejor invertir en hacer una actividad todos juntos.

Rescue Diver Course in Spain

At Black Frog Divers we always describe the PADI Rescue Diver course as the most complete and challenging, course of your diving life. It completely changes your way of thinking about diving.

Black Frog T-Shirt picture

Black Frog T-Shirt picture Do you have a Black Frog Divers and you took a picture of yourself wearing it somewhere? Send it over!! Take your Black Frog T-Shirt

Nudibranch in the Mediterranean sea

The word «nudibranch» comes from the latin nudus, naked, and the greek brankhia, gills, but they are also called sea slugs. You can see them in the seas allover the world.

HSA- Handicapped Scuba Association

In November 2015 Black Frog Divers have been part of one of the best and most revealing scuba diving training courses ever! HSA – Handicapped Scuba Association.