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Centre Pompidou Malaga

Centre Pompidou Malaga South Spain is becoming one of the most important truistic and cultural destination in Europe.

Torrox Pueblo Tour

Yesterday me (Sara) and Saskia (from Cortijo Amaya) have been part of a great Torrox Pueblo tour, the beautiful white village of the Costa del Sol.

The Mediterranean Sea

In today’s article we would like to introduce the Mediterranean Sea. You will find this article full of facts that you did not know about the Mediterranean Sea. It is an exciting and complex sea, covering a vast area. That is why this is just a short article with a touch of an extremely rich […]

Your diving evolution

Are you a diver? Tell us: do you feel different? Here a list of the 10 most common symptoms of a diving evolution!

Scuba Diving in Fraggle Rock

Scuba Diving in Fraggle Rock Yesterday we have been diving in Marina del Este. The weather wasn’t very good: the parking area was empty and no other divers were in the water.

Io & Co – Diving equipment

Diving equipment IO is a very excited beginner diver and FROG a very patient diving instructor working at Black frog Divers. Follow the adventure!!

Eudi Show – Bologna 2015

Today the 23° edition of the EUDI Show begins.  The EUDI Show ( European Dive Show ) is one of the most important diving event in all Europe.