Starting with us from our diving centre in Torrox Costa, and waiking up at early morning, at 9 o clock in the morning is planned the first dive. All the divers are from the boat, making the group able to explore reefs, wrecks and a multitude of diverse marine life in different environment. This is the place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, giving life to different water conditions, thermoclines and giving home to a different fauna.

How Deep?
From 6m to 40m

What can I see?

Lobster, Spider Crab, Gorgonians, Bream, Grouper, Sea Perch, Moon fish (Mola mola), Octopus, Castanet clouds, ‘Hands of Death’ sponges, Moray eels, Crabs, Nudibranches ( at least 40 different species), big Anemones, lots of different fishes, Flowered corals, Stone fishes, Star fishes, Flying Gurnard and much more.