Now that you know the basic rules of diving and gained solid basic knowledge from your  beginner’s course, it’s time to keep training! The aim now is to get better, grow your confidence, polish your skills and explore this amazing sport by practicing and continuing your education.
the Open Water course, you can now acquire more experience and gain new knowledge thanks to new specialties. These courses are more targeted and will open your eyes and feed your hunger for adventure.

two scuba divers, diving in the sea, under a boat, having a padi-specialities-course,padi-traning-spain, torrox costa


In our dive center you can choose from a wide variety of PADI scuba diving specialties, through which you can improve your skills depending on your needs, on what you really love to do and on what the sea and weather conditions allow.


Adventure Diver includes 3 specialties. Out of all the courses we offer, you can enjoy this activity without restrictions and in total safety, even if you are not an experienced diver yet.

Scuba diving instructor tiring up the Nitrox tanks on the boat before starting the dive.


The Advanced Open Water Course consists of 5 different diving specialties, with Deep Dive and Navigation being obligatory. You’ll be able to dive to 30m with this license, and you’ll get a taste of the most enjoyable underwater activities, which you choose based on what you love the most.

rescue diver course from PADI. A diver help another diver with health problems, to come out safely from the water


The Rescue Course is the most fun course ever—and your perception of diving will completely change! You’ll be able to predict an emergency situation such panic, you’ll learn crisis management and first aid and be able to help in the case of an emergency.

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