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Many people love the sea and diving is far from the only way to get in it.
Go for the Snorkeling tour instead!

If you know how to swim, not afraid of water or sea life, and curious to see what the Mediterranean Sea has to offer, let us take you on a fantastic snorkeling tour around the best areas of the Costa Del Sol coast line!

The minimum age requirement for this activity is only 7 years. That means the entire family can enjoy the experience and admire the underwater delights that await. We structure the tour in a relaxing, safe and educational way, striking a balance between being entertaining and informative.

Your expert snorkeling tour guide will always be close by in case you need assistance or just want to ask a question. Before entering the water, your guide will explain how to use the equipment, how to clear water from the mask and snorkel and show you how to easily breathe through it. Your guide will also show you where to swim, so you can see the largest variety of fish and flowered corals and find camouflaged animals. And you’ll learn what to do while in the water so you don’t get too tired, get the most out the experience and have fun!

The tour generally last for one hour, and we always aim to give you enough time to see everything, stop, relax and appreciate the soft and gentle touch of the sea.
We’ll provide a snorkeling suit, mask and snorkel, boots and fins. And after the tour, we love to spend some time together, have some soft drinks and snacks.

We hope to leave with you great memories, so your Spanish holiday is one to remember!

woman wearing mask and snorkel is swimming on the sea surface.

30€ per person

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