beginner courses

Congratulations! You have decided to get your scuba diving training and your diving license, choosing between one of our beginner courses.

This is your first step to becoming an autonomous diver and being able to practice this activity anywhere in the world.

Black Frog Divers is a PADI (one of the most important and renowned diving organisations in the world) 5 Star dive center.


Many people choose PADI because it guarantees the highest quality of training for all scuba diving courses. Plus, PADI is a worldwide organisation, which allows you to dive anywhere in the world.

Why Black Frog Divers?

All of our instructors have vast experience in diving, an extensive knowledges of the local marine environment and sea life as well as a great passion for this unique job.
Our aim is to make you feel safe and support you at all times. Throughout your beginner course, the learning process is adapted and personalised according to the needs of each student. We are well-known thanks to our small groups technique. We car for each and every one of our divers.