With the Bubblemaker program, kids will have the opportunity to breathe underwater for the first time. I mean: HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!?!
Participants will also learn how to use basic scuba gear in a safe and effective way, thanks to the constant direct attention of the instructor in a safe swimming pool environment. In result, kids will develop new skills and open the door to a whole new world.
In fact, a Bubblemakers will learn to how equalize, clear their mask, clear their regulator, control their buoyancy and breathe efficiently underwater and make bubbles. This experience takes place in a pool or in a confine water, at less than 2m of depth.

The minimum age required to attend the Bubblemaker course is 8 years. No previous training is required in order to be part of this amazing adventure, which can be shared by a 4 kids maximum.
In Andalusia, kids under the age of 10 are not allowed to dive in open water. Once they are 10, they can take part in the Discover Scuba Diving program.

Children should be comfortable in shallow water, but they don’t have to be experts swimmers.
The course includes a complete theory section explaining of the most important rules of diving.
In addition, the practical section is made up of learning and mastering diving skills as well as a fun dive. In that way, kids can enjoy and build confidence in the water while using their equipment to make bubbles!

Bubblemakers will receive a Bubblemaker certificate, a card and… a supercool crew pack!! What a great way to introduce children to scuba diving!


Anyone with a good level of fitness can practice scuba diving.
However, some medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart, lung and back problems, or surgeries done in the last 5 years, could prevent you from participating.
Before signing up for a PADI course, please check and fill out the standard Medical Statement Form.
Every answer has to be “NO”.
If any of your answers is YES, you will require a medical certificate from a doctor with a diving and hyperbaric specialty.
We recommend taking the form to your doctor for completion before you travel to Spain.

kids of 8 years old learning to scuba dive in the safe environemnt of a swimming pool with a professional diving instructor
Bubblemaker crewpack with a disploma, stickers, logbook and nice gadgets.

1Dive 85€
With Crewpack 115€

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