The scuba diving mask, as all diving equipment, require a good care and maintenance in order to serve you for a long time.

How many times it happen to be diving, and realising your mask gets all foggy and the glass is dirty? Or maybe the silicon do not seal and you get water every time!! How annoying!

Every time you buy a new dive mask, it’s very important that you clean the protective layer of silicon and mould release products from the glass, before scuba diving. In fact, the layer of silicon is applied in order to protect the glass from any scratch during the transport. But it is not necessary once you are underwater. If you don’t clean, it will keep fogging up and you’ll not be able to see anything!

So, how to get rid of it? There are many methods: let’s see them all.

What makes it foggy?
The grease makes the glass fog and that include the grease of the face skin or the suncream lotion.
Care throughout the time that you are using your scuba diving mask is the rule number one. Basic care and cleaning ensure that the mask remains clear, doesn’t end up fogging and is safe to use once you are underwater .

All you need to do is to get a bit of non granulated (very important) toothpaste and rub it in all over the mask lens. You can simply use your finger to push the toothpaste in, that is the best way. Once you’ve apply the toothpaste, leave the mask for about 30 minutes and then wash the toothpaste off well with water. Repeat the process three or more times. The mask will be clean and have a nice smell of mint!

Another method is to “burn your mask”. Using a regular lighter hold it close to the glass lens and move it around. You’ll see the glass turning black: do not panic!! This means that the silicone protective layer is burning off. Once it is done, remember to cool the lens off and wash it with dish soap and water. Repeat the process couple of times if necessary. Please note, you must be very careful not to damage the skirt of the mask and remember to not apply heat for too long.

How to clean your scuba diving mask
Remember always to wash your mask with fresh water after every dive. Warm sweet water is best to dissolve salt crystals that are attached to the mask. Add some drops of dish soap or baby shampoo and wash your mask trough out making sure you get into all the little pocket and difficult corners of the mask. After washing, simply dry it off with a towel and store it in a dry place. At least once a year and before storing your mask for off season, you should do a deep clean of your mask. When storing your scuba diving mask, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It’s best to store it in a mask box.

Said that, the best defogging methods are commercial defogger.

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