If one of your friend or family members is in love with scuba diving, snorkelers or a person that just cares about the ocean than, you could surprise him/her with a special scuba diving Christmas gift. Here some ideas for a random/weird Christmas gifts that would make a scuba diver over the moon!

The Best scuba diving Christmas gifts come from a PADI dive shop

Without doubts, if you are buying the scuba diving Christmas gift from a PADI Dive Shop, the enthusiasm will be multiple.
The person that recieve the gift will be happy as the owner of the diving shop, that will get a nice support, during this hard time. Here a list of amazing diving centre in the area:

Black Frog Divers 
……. 🙂

The owners of the shop, are known for their amazing customer service skills and their love for the sea. From the lowest budget to the highest one(believe me, you can spend lots of money in diving equipment without noticing it!), you will always be able to find something good!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

We are convinced, more than ever, that an experience it is better than any material gift! Even better if the experience is to share! Pay in advanced for any activity that person can find interesting:

PADI Scuba diving course: from a beginner course to a more professional level..the aim is to support what they love and push their curiosity.
-Guided dive or package of guided dives: you can save up, buying a package. The more their dive the more you save!
Guide snorkelling tour: exploring the sea from the top is amazing especially with the help of a professional, explaining and pointing at all the creature and sea curiosity you haven’t noticed before.
-Money to spent in the shop for a new piece of equipment: a new scuba diving mask, a egulator, a suit, a BCD…anything they might need to feed their hobby.

Our Gift voucher have a validity of 1 year.


All the divers loves diving t-shirt or diving souvenirs: hats, t shirt, sweatears, key rings..any gadget will make them happy.
On the PADI website you will be able to purchase also lots of accessories made with recycled plastic! This line of PADI Gear hats made from recycled plastic! Each hat contains the equivalent of 8 post-consumer plastic bottles.


From bookmarks, mugs, candels, soft toys, water bootles…anything and i mean anything that is related to the sea..they will love it. For any advice please visit our shop in Torrox Costa!

about Scuba Diving and Sea Creatures

There are thones of great books about scuba diving, dive sites, underwater photography tips, sea creature catalogue etc.. We recently purchased the new edition of the book :“The Underwater Photographer”of Martin Edge and it is superb! Pictures are incredible and you learn more and more that pictures are the only thing you have to take away from the sea.

Their desire to travel and dive will increase at every page.

We don’t have to spent so much on making a scuba diver happy because

a Scuba Diver is a HAPPY PERSON!