Centre Pompidou Malaga

Centre Pompidou Malaga

South Spain is becoming one of the most important truistic and cultural destination in Europe.

Centre pompidou Malaga Spain not just scuba diving

Andalusia is already very famous for its unique beauty: food is fresh and tasty, people are friendly, the sea is beautiful, scuba diving is great! The mountains are green and high, it is possible to sky, to do a lot of different sports, there are monuments, universities, restaurants, bars, museums. It is a very active and vibrante city where every year lots of people, especially young people, decide to move and stay for ever.

From this month there is another good reason to chose Malaga as the perfect destination for you holiday: Le Centre Pompidou!

A parisian touch to the already rich cultural scene of this beautiful city. Close to great restaurants and good quality shops, this week the Centre Pompidou Malaga, have been the favorite destination of thousands of tourist and local people.
For the very affordable price of 6.70£, it is possible to admire 90 works of different artists like: Miro, the already famous Picasso, Magritte, Francis Bacon, Frida Kahlo. Apart from already famous art, it is possible to find an exhibition exploring dance and choreography.
The building consist in a long and low white structure with a giant glass cube, with colorful panels on top of it.

Malaga is growing and moving very fast and lots of people already says that Malaga will be the new Barcelona in few years time.

Torrox Costa is located just 40km far from this amazing new cultural destination. You can come to Torrox to enjoy the quiete and the piece of this beautiful white village on the Costa del Sol and than with just 30 minutes of car you can find yourself deep into a vibrante city.

What are you waiting than? You do not have to be just a diver to enjoy Andalusia. There are millions of things to do and see in this part of Spain. Book your holiday and come to see them yourself!

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