EFR – Emergency First Response Course

EFR stands for Emergency First Response and it is one of the PADI courses you will have to attend before your Rescue Course.

EFR course is not just about scuba diving. Learning emergency care procedures can save a life.

Yesterday,one of our students, Daniel, attended his EFR course, Emergency First Response training.
We provide a vast range of scuba diving courses and the EFR is one of the most important courses we do.
As always, we take very good care of every aspect and we make sure this course is carefully done.
It is not just scuba diving! As in any sports, problems can arise and it is very important to know how to provide help and deal with panic in an emergency situation.
Learning the emergency care procedures can save a life inside or outside the water. Your fast reaction/action can reduce serious damage to the injured person. Little Anne and Baby Anne mannequins are made with the purpose of this training in mind, in order to practise the CPR chest compressions and breathing techniques.
The course include both theory and practise lessons. At the end there is an examination and a license is issued.
We create confidence to care.

What are you waiting for? Book you EFR course with us!

The more people that attend the course, the better the price!

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