Laguna Beach free try diving

Laguna Beach free try diving

Since yesterday, Black Frog Divers, started it’s free try diving at Laguna Beach, Torrox Costa.
Laguna BeachEvery summer, in June, we start a great and free activity for all Laguna Beach clients and non. In fact if you are staying at Laguna Beach, apartment complex in Torrox Costa,not far from Malaga airport and you have your personal key to access the olympic swimming pool, than every Wednesday, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm you will have the opportunity to try diving for free!

Exactly!! You heard that right!

Many times, we have around people saying: ” I would like to try diving but i am afraid i won’t like it” or ” i would love to try diving but i don’t want to start a laguna beach_torrox costa_apartment_free try scuba divingcourse, without knowing what it is about.”

Don’t worry, from now, you will have a free opportunity to try and see if you like scuba diving or not. It will be completely free and safe!
The activity start in the afternoon around 5:30pm. An area will be delimited in the water, in order to protect the people that want to try diving from all the others that want just to enjoy the swimming.

Everyone, from 12 years of age, are welcome to try. The instructor will give you: mask, BCD, tank and a regulator to use and he will take care of your dive. The only think you will be ask to do, is breathing and enjoy the moment.
Don’t worry about anything, the instructor will do everything for you!

Take a deep breath, wear your mask, and submerge yourself into this fantastic opportunity.

It is a completely free opportunity for you to see if you love it or not. We are sure you will.
If you do, the next step will be the sea!

If you want to start your scuba diving experience into the sea, you than have two options:

Try Diving that cost just 65€ or Discover Scuba Diving for 85€

Click in order to read more information about the two programs.

Do not miss the opportunity to try scuba diving, one of the most fascinating and relaxing sport in the world. It is safe and easy and we will do everything in order to make you love it!

Don’t forget to come for a free try, every wednesday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm! Free fun; what else??!!

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