Black Frog Divers: one year of scuba diving success

Black Frog Divers: one year of scuba diving success

Sunday 31st of June, Black Frog Divers celebrated its fist birthday, with a great party on Torrox Costa beach!

It has been one year since Black Frog Divers opened the door to all the scuba divers in Spain and the rest of the world.
During this year we had divers from all over the world: Holland, Germany, UK, Korea, America, India, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Norway, Denmark… More than 400 divers and non-divers visited our scuba diving centre between 06/2014 and 06/2015.

It is already one year but we feel like is just few months. This year has been flying away.
We might say: having a business is not difficult but having a successful business is hard but full of satisfaction!

We opened a diving centre with the aim to take care off all our divers. We have been putting all ourself into it and we have been taking care of everybody needs. We have looked after each and one of our visitors and the smiles on their faces, their congratulations, postcards, tips, compliments and good reviews have been expired us. Their appreciation of our way of being, is a clear sign that we must carry on like that.

We keep receiving amazing Trip Advisor Reviews and we are the most successful sport activity centre in Torrox Costa.

The first year no one knew us, but 2015 is already full of diving bookings and emails from people coming back to us for the second time. We keep in touch, we try to create a diving family and keep the friendships!

We didn’t know anyone when we arrived here in South Spain, but in one year we have found lots of good friends, supporters and kind people willing to see us succeed.

It feels good to get on with people and see them helping us achieve our dream.
We have looked to be a big business, for a lot of customers, for huge earning. Our scuba diving centre is a Family diving centre: a place where people want to come back, a place where there are friends waiting for you, a place where all your desires will come true and you will really enjoy your holiday in Spain.

If you still do not know us, do not wait too long: book your scuba dive with us and we will show you what we are talking about.
And remember: do not leave your family or non-diving friends at home. Bring them along and we will keep them entertained too.
In fact, since 2015, we have introduced a lot of Non-diving activities such as: snorkeling tours, kayak, mountain biking, hiking, horse riding etc…but we also love to give advice about wine tasting, restaurants and accommodation, in order to make the best out of your holiday.

We are open everyday, from 9:00am to 6:30pm. Feel free to come around, have a coffee and a chat.
Visit our shop in Torrox Costa and let us take you into a fantastic underwater world.

Book your dive!

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