HSA- Handicapped Scuba Association

In November 2015 Black Frog Divers have been part of one of the best and most revealing scuba diving training courses ever! HSA – Handicapped Scuba Association.


We are glad to announce that our scuba diving centre in Torrox Costa, is now a HSA diving centre with a qualified instructor, ready to break all the architectural barriers and make the water a safe and peaceful place to enjoy for everyone.

Now a day more than the 20% of the world’s population is disable. We are talking about physical and mental disabilities.
We open scuba diving to everyone: quadriplegic, tetraplegic, blind, deaf, amputated, down syndrome etc..

The first question that everybody ask is:

why a person with such a disability would like to dive?

It was my question too, but they answer me in a very simple way: during their everyday life, disable are facing millions of architectural barriers; they have fears to fell, stumble or bump into something. In the water this is not happening. The HSA instructor understand all that (in fact during the HSA course, the instructors are first asked to pretend the different disabilities, in order to understand the difficulties ) and he will be happy to help and sort the problems out, on the base of the theory and the technics learned during the course.


On top of it, scuba diving can be a perfect sport for the rehabilitation and it is used as a therapy in many cases.

Scuba diving become an important and unforgettable step for many disabled people, experiencing the freedom that just the movement in the water can give. They can face a challenge and they grow lots of self confidence and esteem.

Every person is treated differently: it doesn’t exist a disability or illness similar to another. For this reason the scuba diver instructor is called, every time to a new and unique experience. The instructor and the disable student grow a very deep feeling: they have to understand and trust each other and Marcin is known for his human and social skills.


The courses are difficult and they are done following an international training based on rules and standards. At the end of the training, when all the skills are successfully achieved, the disable will get a license equal to any other diving license in the all world.

HSA, Handicapped Scuba Association, is an ONLUS organization, based mainly on the PADI training methods and on the idea that everything is possible for everyone.

If you are disable or you have a disable friend, brother or family member and you would like to open the underwater world to his/her knowledge, don’t wait any longer.

We supply also Scuba Buddy Disable Courses, that will allowed the diver to learn the technic to be a perfect buddy, anywhere in the world.

Write us an e mail, we will be happy to give you more information about the courses, the available period and what is necessary to buy, have and do in order to start this amazing adventure! We also provide informations for accommodation and transport. Don’t marginalize yourself, you will be able to make it with us!
We would love to thanks all the HSA Italia for the amazing opportunity: Aldo Torti, Lorenzo Oberti, Vanni Valentini and all the other members and trainers that helped us to succeed!