Snorkeling with dolphins

Snorkeling with dolphins

It was a normal diving day..getting ready to dive in Marina del Este form the shore.

Marcin and Branko (for his PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course) decided to go for a deep dive in the early morning. Early morning it is just the perfect moment to go diving: water is calm, no wind, the animals in the sea are still not frightened and it is an amazing feeling to put your had down when the sun is still rising up!
After a careful body check and a good briefing the two started the swim on the right hand side of the bay.
Passing “Punta Shallow” dive site, it is possible to get up to 40-50-60m in “Punta de la Mona“, where some amazing coral lives.

With an inflated BCD and a snorkel in their mouth, in order to save some air for the deep dive, the two started to swim toward the open water until..

…until they saw Dolphins!!!

It doesn’t happen everyday to see dolphins just in front of you!
A group of about 15-20 dolphins swimming around and chasing a big group of sardines for breakfast!
The sea was full of particles and fishes, running  away from the predators.

It is not the first time that happens, but it is the first time we actually have a video of it.

Marina del Este is so rich of life that it is getting more and more easy to get into Mola mola, big octopuses, rays, barracudas and groupers.
Black Frog Divers loves to get up early and go exploring. We like to be the first in the sea because we know that always something special will happen!
Than, set your alarm and come diving with us! That dive will make your all day!!

Snorkeling with dolphins

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