Io & Co – The beginner diver

IO is a very excited beginner diver and FROG a very patient diving instructor working at Black frog Divers. Follow the adventure!!
Designed by  Andrea Minetti INKSPOT

Diving ComicsIt is very normal to be excited at the idea of your first dive. In the moment you decide to start your PADI Diving course lots of emotions will go trough your head: happiness, fear, nervous, excitement, amaziness.
Diving is categorized as an extreme sport. Why? Because it is extremely easy to have fun but it necessary you stick to some important and basic rules.
Being relaxed, happy and aware of your actions is what diving is about. I don’t consider diving as a very physical sport: become a diver never made me slimmer, more muscled and in a better shape…i wish. In diving the main organ used of your body will be your brain.
You are ask to think before you act, be aware of what you are doing and make sure the diving theory is clear. It is nothing impossible: kids from 8 years old are able to dive and they often have more fun than adults.
Think before you act is a good rule we should apply in our every day life but..letàs start from diving.
Listen to you instructor, look at every mouvement and understand the reason of some reaction it is already a good start. Before jumping straight into the water make sure you have everything clear. Wiat until you feel completely ready to approach this new part of your life. Don’t give up, fhight your fear and relax yourself.
Enjoy the underwater world and make the dive a personal moment you live just in peace with yourself. Life is too short to deprive it from this pleasure.