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Diving equipment

IO is a very excited beginner diver and FROG a very patient diving instructor working at Black frog Divers. Follow the adventure!!

Diving equipment

Diving equipment

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Your Scuba Equipment is one of the most important things in Scuba Diving.
That is why, during your diving course, your instructor will teach you how to take care of it.
If you take care of it, it will take care of you!

The diving equipment is what enables you to enjoy the diving experience.
It helps you to see, to breath, to stay underwater or on the surface and to live this fantastic experience.
That is why it is important to use your scuba gear, in a proper way and take care of it.

Mask: a good mask, with a good soft silicone, sealed securely on your face will give you the chance to admire the underwater world, without stressing so much about leaks and salty water in your eyes. In fact the mask is the part of the equipment that gives more reason to panic ( especially at the beginning of your training ). Washing your mask after every dive, will prevent the silicone from becoming hard and yellow. Most important: remember to include your nose into it!

Fins: a hard fin will make your swimming very tiring and it might cause you to get cramp in calf. However, a too soft fin will make your finning pointless, because you wouldn’t move very much and it would be a problem during an emergency situation.

Boots: the feet and head are the parts where the body looses most of the temperature in your body. If you get cold, your dive will be shorter and the experience less enjoyable! Depending on the water temperature, it is good to choose the right boot thickness.

Suit: It is possible to find a suit from 1mm up to 7mm, semi dry suits, dry suit etc etc.. Everything depends on the water you will dive in. For cold water, like in the Mediterranean sea, and a constant use of the suit (like for our instructor PADI Marcin, everyday in the water), we generally suggest a 7mm or a semidry, capable of keeping your body temperature at normal levels. For warm water, like in Egypt or Pacific sea, a maximum 5mm will be enough.
Remember to wear your suit over your boots ( to prevent water for getting in ) and not to pee into it !! The stink will stay on it for ever and everybody around you will notice!

BCD: wing, semi wing, back plated or soft and light for your diving holiday abroad, the BCD is what keeps you underwater or floating on the surface. Choose the BCD perfect for your body size and take care of it after every dive. Rinse it inside and outside, to prevent corrosion.

Regulator: well..this is absolutely one of the most important parts of your diving equipment. It will provide you air at any depth and condition. Try not to knock/bash it anywhere. Also, wash it properly after every dive and do not allow any water into the first stage.
One of the most simple and important things to do, in order to maintain your equipment in perfect condition, is to wash it with fresh water every time you end your diving experience and dry it properly before storing it.
Listen to your instructor and let him/her give you advice that would save you time and money!

Dive safe!!