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scuba diver diving in Marina del Este with Black Frog Divers in Torrox during a guided dive

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Our guided dive group is made of a maximum of 4 divers per guide (of more or less the same diving level),  in order to make the all experience safe and fun for everyone (including the guide!)

Every divemaster or instructor can take you diving but..are you really going to make the most out of your dive? Are you going to see the best?
Our everyday goal is to make your dive with us a great memory to take home. We put a big effort in showing you all the possible creatures and plants living into this corner of paradise.
We open our knowledge to the most curios divers and we are happy to share all we know about the Alborean sea and its inhabitants.

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The benefit of a guided dive

Why would you dive solo if you can have an expert close to you?
Exploring the underwater wonders of La Herradura or Marina del Este in southern Spain under the guidance of a professional instructor offers unparalleled benefits.

These sea experts not only ensure your safety but also enhance your diving experience manifold. Their local knowledge unveils hidden gems, from vibrant coral to mesmerizing marine life, enriching your adventure.
With personalized attention, beginners gain confidence and skills, while experienced divers delve deeper into the region’s unique underwater landscapes.
Professional guidance fosters environmental awareness, promoting responsible diving practices and conservation efforts. Additionally, instructors provide valuable insights into local marine ecosystems, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the aquatic world.
Ultimately, a guided dive with a Black Frog Divers professional instructor, offers a safe, educational, and unforgettable exploration of the stunning underwater realm in this picturesque corner of Andalucia, Spain.