San Isidro in Nerja – Not just scuba diving in Spain

San Isidro in Nerja – Not just scuba diving in Spain

Yesterday Black Frog Divers closed the door of the diving centre in Torrox to be part of one of the most colorful fiestas of the year!!

San Isidro in Nerja – Not just scuba diving in Spain

Yesterday we celebrated San Isidro. San Isidro is the patron Saint of farmers and laborers. As you then understand, all the farmers take part of this big event with their cows and horses; the farmers dress the animals with the typical Andalusian fiesta clothes and they bring them in Town, in this case in Nerja, just 10km far from our diving centre in Torrox Costa.

Everyone, not just the animals, wear their best dress to celebrate the saint of their village.  All the women, as in every Fiesta, wear their most beautiful Flamenco dresses, in tone with the rose  or the flower they put on the head.

The town get packed with people from all over Andalusia. Everyone love to be part of this amazing show.
As any other religious fiesta, the event include: a mass in the morning, a procession, food, dance and music.The Fiesta of San Isidro is the day where the farmers thanks the Saint for the good of the passed year and for the one that will come, hopefully full of good fortune.

How was San Isidro? He was a humble man born in Madrid in 1070. He was declared Saint in the 1622 from the Pope Gregory XV, because of his big compassion to animals and the poor people.

The Saint, that get pulled by the oxen on a big cart, go all around the little village of Nerja.  Lots of people, hundreds and hundreds every year, follow the cart singing typical songs and dancing n the way. Some people ride a horse, some the tractors: they are all dressed up with typical flamenco and fiesta dresses. The long procession cover around 3km and it can take up to 4 hours to get to the final destination. Arrived to destination, the party begins, carry on the party into the late night.

If you are coming here in south Spain, scuba diving is not the only think you can do… for sure it is the best but not the only!

Fiestas are something that you must see during your staying here with us!

Andalusia is a place to live!

Events Timetable

Friday 15th May

11:00 Mass in the El Salvador Church on the Balcon de Europa.

12:00 Performances outside the church followed by the procession or Romeria.

14:00 Arrival at the caves.

15:30 The “Verbena” (open air dance) begins at the Caves.

17:00 Prizes awarded to procession participants.

18:30 The Verbena continues.

00:00 Midnight – End of the Verbena

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