Scuba diving in Spain can save your life!

Scuba diving in Spain can save your life!

Do you love the sea, and you are ready to spent every holiday lying on a beach? Are you the one that have renounced to go to the sea, in order to make a girl/boy friend happy, spending the precious holiday time on the snow or visiting museums and crowded european cities but still thinking about water!?!?

Well, now you have an extra excuse!

The writer Wallace J. Nichols, have been studying what happen to our brain, when we are close to the sea. The tittle of his book is: “Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In , On, Or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, And Better At What You Do”. Look at the sea, breath the salty air, touch the water and relax under the sun, makes your brain happier and healthier.

In his book, Nichols, explain 5 of his theories about that thesis.


1 – Water is our first element.

We are connect to water since the first part of our life. Baby bodies are composed for the 75% by water. While we grow older, we get drier, up to the 60% .

Our brain happely react to the vision of the sea. Our progenitors came out from the water and developed their abilities from swimming to walking. At the beginning of a pregnancy, the fetus present something similar to a gill slits that then disappear during the 9 months.

Those are just little reasons why our brain is so happy just looking at the sea or a sea picture.

2- Close to the sea, we relax

How many times in a hospital or in a waiting room, we find pictures of the sea? Unconscously the view of the sea, the colors, the peace, calm us down.
Apparently, it has been scientifically proved that, looking to a nature image, stimulate our positive mood, pushing us on thinking about happy memories (not necessarily related to the sea). Viceversa, looking to a pictures of cities and crowds, the get stressed. Surround your house of naturalistic pictures and start the day with a different mood.

3 – Looking at pictures is good but be close to the sea is better!

Nichols have been studying the effect of the sea, on 22 hundred thousand people. He created what he called a MAPPINESS. He was asking people to grade their happiness level in different situations. Be in open air and close to the sea had the higher rates!

4 – Water makes your brain younger.

We are surrounded every day by technology and our brain needs to charge up. Nothing can make the brain happier than water! In the 1995, he published a book called “Environmental Psychology”, where he analyzed two different groups of students. The two groups were disposed in two different rooms with two different views (trees, lakes, parks and cities). The group with the sea view was reflecting a higher brain capacity and focus skills.

5 – The colour BLUE makes you happier.

Blue is the most favourite color in the world. We live in a world where gradients of blue surround us and it is absolutely comprehensible if our brain smile looking at it!

scuba diving on Torrox Costa beach, gradient of blue and amazing underwater scene

Scuba diving in Spain

scuba diving in torrox, blue sea, amazing snorkeling trip

Scuba diving in Spain

underwater picture of while scuba diving in marina del Este with Black frog Divers

Scuba diving in Spain

That is one of the reason why people like me or Marcin created Black Frog Divers and chose to become professional divers. While you are diving, you get surrounded by peace and the color of the Mediterranean sea makes you happy. It can be cold, rainy; you can have your bad days but the water will hill your pain. Working everyday at the beach, looking at the waves, at the sea foam, at the gradient of the water, at the reflection of the sun on the sea surface..that charge you up and makes you feel free and happy.

Torrox has the “best climate in Europe”: the sun is always high up in the sky. People are happy here, very relaxed (sometimes even too much ) but hey…how can we blame them?! The sea is spectacular, colorful and rich.

Scuba diving or snorkeling here in Andalucia is one of the ways you can live the water..the best one in our opinion!

Come and explore the sea with us! Scuba diving in Spain can save your life! – Black Frog Divers

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