Diving in the time of the Coronavirus

How can we protect ourself during our dives.

“Stay home, stay safe” but keep being connect to the world and to your dreams. 

On our sofas we can dream about our next scuba dive: where it will be and which beautiful creatures we will finally see. 

With the sleepers on, you will think to the fastest way to get on a hot sunny beach with a wetsuit on and with your head underwater. 

We connect our adventure to the company of other divers. Scuba diving connect people with the same passion: the underwater world. That connection fills both our hearts and souls. But now it fills also out fear.

We are together in this crisis. We support each other, and we will all be more human and caring toward eachother at the end of this mess.

The ocean is waiting for us!

The scuba diving community is starting to confront the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world. But we want to keep our diving dreams alive for all our divers beacuse we will dive again together very soon!

“Stay home, stay safe” they says so SAFETY is our RULE NUMBER ONE!

We thought about some Diving Safety tips to keep you and all the people around you safe from this COVID-19 pandemic.

How can we keep you safe and minimize the risks?

Diving Safety Tips

Personal hygiene is for sure the rule number one.

  • Always practice proper hygiene, including frequently washing your hands, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and not touching your face.
  • Practice social distancing as much as possible and wear a mask as much as you can.
  • According to DAN, divers should sanitize equipment in a 10% bleach solution or in aantibacterial and chlorhexidine solution.This is especially important for masks, snorkels, whistles and BCD oral inflators.
  • Use defog instead of saliva on your mask prior to entering the water. If you dive with your own mask will be 100% safe.
  • For buddy checks and air sharing training exercises: do NOT use the same mouthpiece as your dive buddy unless it’s an emergency situation. 
  • Carry disinfectant solution in your dive bag in case any other situations arise.
  • Always keep your diving certifications and dive insurance up to date. Carry your certification cards and insurance information with you.
  • Choose the best travel insurance for you. 
    Some travel insurance companies are refusing to pay out for COVID-19 related claims. Be sure to check what is covered by your travel insurance company in terms of treatment for the virus, expenses for quarantining for 14 days and trip cancellation reimbursement.

Black Frog Divers have been always cleaning, after every diving day, all the equipment with specific antibactirical products.

We are currently use

Enzymatic deodorizer ENZIM 5000

A powerful concentrated enzymatic deodorizer, made to eliminate bad smell and disinfect 100% the neoprene elements of the equipment.
One 50ml dose is considered to be the necessary dose for a water bucket of 100L

Detergent for silicone elements HES 5000

It is a sanitizer perfect for concentrated silicone elements, specifically made to disinfect all silicone elements of the equipment: regulators’ and snorkels’ mouthpieces, silicone mask skirts, etc. It has enzymes that destroy bacteria and made it totally effective.


This product has been specifically designed as anti fog protector for diving and swimming masks.

We are thinking about all the possible solutions and precautions we can take before during and after your dive to keep the adventure fear free and relaxing. We want you to feel in safe hands because we willdo for you what we would do for ourself.

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