Your diving evolution

Are you a diver? Tell us: do you feel different? Here a list of the 10 most common symptoms of a diving evolution!

scuba diving evolution

Everybody knows that it is impossible to speak underwater.
Some special underwater equipment include a vocal communication system, but in the majority of the cases, the only way to comunicate underwater are the hands signals!
If you are italian you are advantaged! 🙂
When you become a diver you will see how the hand signals are going to be useful in your everyday life as well, to communicate with your friends or partner in a crowed place, if your are distant from someone, if you are in a silent place or if you just don’t want to say it loud!

When you become a diver you discover how important it is to be in good health and in particular not to have problems with your hears. That is the moment when, getting a cold or silly temperature because of a strong air conditioning, can destroy your diving holiday!
You will find yourself more and more often, pinching your nose and test your sinus for a perfect compensation even during your last day at work, sitting at your desk. You will remember to keep your ears always clean and to wear a scarf more often…just in case.

When you start your scuba diving life and you gain more and more experience, you will start buying your own equipment. I don’t remember anymore when i last bought a pair of high heel shoes, but i perfectly remember when i bought my new pair of fins! As a fresh diver, you will always start buying a suit : finally just your own suit and nobody else! That is generally followed by a mask, snorkel, than boots, fins, a simple computer – at first – and a good bcd along with a brand new regulator ! Your Christmas or birthday gifts are going to be all about scuba diving!!

Once you bought all that gears? Well, the next step will be planning all your holiday with for scuba diving holiday destination. Every bank holiday or summer will be focus on diving, on gaining more experience and upgrading to new PADI levels. You will grow your need of traveling and to dive in different seas. Europe is a great compromise for your diving holiday: places like Spain, Italy, France..offer an all year round diving and it is the best place where to start your diving life. After that, you will desire to see more and that is where you will discover Thailand, Red Sea, Philippines etc..
You will direct your holiday choice toward new diving destinations in order to discover and , in order to save your relationship, you will start financing a Diving certification also for your partner! You do not want to leave her/him always on the shore waiting for you!

Diving is one of this sports where you end up talking with other divers (that you probably meet just that very day) about:
-how nasty is to pee into your own suit
-how much mucus just came out from your nose after the dive
-how good it is to sniff some salty water in order to clear your sinus
-how the suit is gently squeezing your beloved body parts
-how much weight you gained or loosed in the last year
-about your muscular cramps
-about embarrassing diving situations that “your cousin” have been trough

When you get older, you just start to think about traveling and about all the places you actually didn’t manage to see during your life, because of work. Diving will open your mind and you will find out that you still have the 75% of the world to discover.

You will grow a lot of respect for the environment. You will be more aware about recycling, about the rubbish you throw away at home or outside. No more plastic bag rolling on the beach or cigarette butts in the sand. No more sandwich packaging forgotten or plastic bottle that your kids gently filled with sand.
You will see how your everyday life and our bad habits, damage the environment and the underwater world.
Lets do not forget that: what we do to the sea will came back to us.
If we poison the sea, the fishes will be poisoned and we are going to be poisoned eating them.. it is a chain and you will see it clearly.

Every time you will watch a movie you will start to understand that lots of time movie situations are very unreal: for example i always point it out when generally the main character start to do CPR. Chest compressions and rescue breaths are important and have to be done fast…it always look like a slow motion!! They don’t show you how actually hard it is!
You will point out that sharks do not attack so easily, that “that diving situations is impossible” or “how fake it is a scenario”. Your friends will love it or they might not invite you to watch a movie anymore!

You will start follow some weird group of people, people you never expected to go out with. You are all going to be united by the same love: scuba diving! You will be free to tell your stories and finally someone is going to listen to it!!

Last but not least, you might start eating less fish, more veg and start looking after your health and your eating habits more carefully.
Diving is a life philosophy. It is not a physical sport but a mental one and just once you are in peace with your body, your mind and what it is around you, just than, you will see how scuba diving is part of your life.